The beginning of autumn converts nature into a palette of colors across the country. The changing tree leaves take place at various times throughout the fall months. Some destinations are considered the ideal areas in which to enjoy the magnificent display. If you are contemplating a fall drive, take these locations into consideration.


Blue Ridge Parkway-North Carolina and Virginia

The scenic 469-mile route connects the Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Elevations along the way start at approximately 650 feet and climb to more than 6,000 feet. The changing fall colors seen here include the red dogwoods and sugar maples, the scarlet oaks, the yellow persimmons and the multi-colored sumac trees. The fall colors begin appearing in September, but the transformation first takes place in the higher elevations.


Stowe, Vermont

The village of Stowe lies at the base of the Green Mountains and has long been favored during fall for the variety of landscape colors. The adlers, basswood, oaks and sugar maples boast a wide range of hues that include yellow, orange, gold and red. Guests take in the views by going for a hike on some of the numerous trails. Perhaps enjoy a leisurely cruise along the river. The beginning of September through the month of October are ideal times to catch the display.


Telluride, Colorado

The Rocky Mountain community of Telluride is widely known among skiing enthusiasts. However, the location is also favored among guests who arrive to take in the changing colors of fall. From the middle of September through the middle of October, the aspen trees turn vibrant yellow and gold colors. The aspens contrast sharply against the dark green of the pine trees along with the colors of other species that grow in the area. Telluride has a free admission gondola that takes passengers from the mountain valley to the top of the mountain range, which is where the views are amazing. A path enables visitors to hike back down the mountain if desired.


Zion National Park, Utah

The park attracts numerous visitors each year who enjoy seeing the cream, gray, pink and reds of the spectacular sandstone formations. In the fall, the landscape becomes more breath-taking when the maples turn crimson, the oaks turn orange and the box elders turn yellow while the pine trees remain a vibrant green. The Emerald Pool trail is one of the most popular to take in the beauty of nature.