As any cat owner can attest to, getting your feline to choose exercise over a cat nap can be challenging. Cats are docile and mellow pets that do not require as much physical activity as their canine counterparts, but a little regular exercise is still encouraged. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to tease your cat into getting some exercise without forcing your pet out of their comfort zone. 



It may seem obvious, but keeping plenty of toys around will entice a cat to play with these gadgets. In doing so, cats are likely to bounce and run around, exercising while playing. Cat toys work great, but so do household items like various sports balls, empty boxes, cardboard to scratch, and hanging objects that are secured to a safe and stable spot. 


Laser pointers 

Laser pointers are a cheap and entertaining option to keep your cat active for hours. It also allows you to be involved with the exercise. You can be creative with where you point the laser, challenging your cat to reach new places for it. Just be sure to keep the laser from shining into your cats eyes directly. 


Cat Towers

Cat towers serve a dual purpose for cats – play and rest. Many cats can be found snoozing in the sun if you put a cat tower by the window. Other times, cats are naturally encouraged to explore the multi-level tower, building strength as they climb. If your cat is hesitant to explore the tower, try using treats to encourage them. 


Another cat

While cats tend to be solitary pets that do not require the companionship of others, having multiple cats typically encourages a playful behavior – so long as the cats are accustomed to each other. It is usually recommended to get two cats together, as cats who grow up together will likely be more sociable to each other. However, if you are thinking of getting a new kitten and already have an older cat, take the appropriate time to acclimate the cats to this new way of life.


The great outdoors

With the right equipment and prior training, indoor cats can be leashed and brought outside. Leash training a cat can take some time, but once a cat gets used to the feel of the harness, it can open a new realm of exercise potential. Use patience and a comfortable harness if you are deciding to leash train your feline.