With the wide variety of cats, choosing one suitable for children may be challenging. Nevertheless, certain breeds have been cultivated for their particular traits, making some especially fitting for families. Among the cat breeds that fit well with children and adults are the following:



The Abyssinian is an energetic, curious, and amiable cat who provides entertainment for adults and children who are six years old or more. This cat is tractable and affectionate; it is also loyal to the family.



The Birman breed is a well-behaved cat that comes in a variety of colors. It is a playful and active feline, but it usually becomes calm when its human companions are occupied with other things. This gentle cat is also loving, making it an ideal pet.



The Burmese cat has a playful and compliant personality, amusing owners with antics as well as affectionately sitting in their laps. With almost doglike personalities, Burmese cats can be children’s playmates for years as they possess longevity.



The Manx also shares such playful characteristics of dogs as fetching and burying their toys. Unlike other felines, Manx cats are also intrigued by water. They are even-tempered, gentle, and very adaptable.



Named because of its tendency to make itself limp when being picked up, the Ragdoll is a perfect cat for little girls who like to carry around their “babies.” The compliant Ragdoll will even fetch or come when called if trained to do so.


Russian Blue

A beautiful cat with short, thick fur, the Russian Blue is even-tempered and hypoallergenic, making it the perfect breed for families with members who are allergic or triggered by long animal hair.


Maine Coon

Although the Maine Coon is a large domestic cat, it is a gentle giant. Because it is very relaxed most of the time, this cat gets along well with other pets and children. They are a beautiful breed that are very popular for their looks and personalities. 



Having an exotic appearance with both stripes and spots, the Ocicat is very social and playful. It gets along well with other pets, as well as children, having a high energy level itself.



Fearless but calm and playful, rarely meowing. Siberians take up to five years to mature. Even after they develop, these cats remain playful and loving to family members, especially children. Very intelligent and capable of problem-solving, Siberians get along well with dogs, playing fetch and running to greet people at the door.